• Residential Window Cleaning

  • We Clean All Types Of Residential Glass Including:

    • Double Hung windows with storms
    • Double Hung Thermals
    • Casements
    • Sliding Doors
    • French Doors
    • Atrium Doors
    • Picture Windows
    • Awning Windows
    • Sky Lights
    • Jalousie Windows
    • Custom Windows
    • Mirrors

  • We Clean All Types Of Resedential Homes Including:

    • Capes
    • Ranches
    • Colonials
    • Modern Contemporary’s
    • Condominiums
    • Farm House
    • Multi-Family Homes
    • Split Level
    • Beach House
    • Summer Cottages

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What equipment does Sparkle Window Cleaning use?

    We use professional squeegees and brushes. Our ladders are equipped with special brackets and stabilizers. We are committed to using only environmentally safe liquid cleaners. Should the need arise, we are always ready with scrapers and scrubbing pads that help us in removing paint, glue, tape, or any other difficult to remove substance.

    What should I do the day of my window cleaning appointment?

    1. You may want to put any pets in a room separate from the window cleaners. This will prevent your pet from trying to escape out of an open window or door.

    2. Most importantly, please make all windows accessible by moving your furniture, plants, knick-knacks and all valuable belongings.

    Should I also get my screens cleaned?

    Yes, your screens hold dirt. All it takes is one driving rain storm and all the dirt from your screens will be on your windows. Cleaning your screens will help keep your windows clean months longer.

    What are the forms of payment accepted?

    We accept cash or check.

    Sorry, we do not accept credit or debit cards.